Pelangi Managements core strength is the management of fashion production. As it is likely to be one of the most imperative aspects of your business too, you can rest assured we are here to act on your behalf every step of the way. Insider knowledge of the numerous factories and suppliers takes years to gain, we can match your needs with the right team to get the job done on time and to a high standard.

    All areas of management are covered;
  • Spec checking (making sure what you want is able to be executed into reality)
  • Placement of designs in a factory both reliable and specific to your product requirements
  • Ensuring timelines are followed and met
  • Samples are made and fit to size
  • Any changes required are done and adjusted on production patterns
  • Grading
  • Printing and dying is approved and signed off before bulk items are made
  • All product is as per you require
  • Your production is what you expect


For larger retailers, in-house brands can be a cost effective way to increase sales through knowledge of customer demand. By developing your own brand you can have direct control over style as well as production costs and order quantities, this is then reflected in healthy profit margins.

Pelangi Management collaborates with chain stores or larger online retailers to develop their own in-house brand. We oversee the design, print development and range planning phases. Pelangi Management can help with seasonal capsule ranges or with ongoing in-house styles. We pride ourselves on fast turn around times for the production of repeat orders. Talk to us about developing your own range of customer focused products, we are happy to help.


Whether you need a new supplier for something specific, we can assist with this. Or it may be that you are just in search of different fabrics, or a new trim!
Pelangi Management has many suppliers throughout Asia, so we are sure to find exactly what you are after!


Pelangi Management has its very own team of experienced quality control inspectors. This gives you comfort knowing that what you paid for has been inspected and has passed a detailed checklist ready for export or sale.


Pelangi Management can assist with all aspects of your business. Often an objective eye can instantly improve your business model, or help you refresh the way you look at things. We help you turn your creative ideas into a goal oriented reality.

    Examples of areas we can help in are;
  • Business Development / Strategy Planning
  • Wholesale and retail sales analysis
  • Product costing
  • Timeline creation
  • Brand development


    Pelangi Management can help facilitate your marketing needs such as:
  • Look books
  • Websites
  • Business cards
  • Brand packaging
  • POS